A kitchen staple for generations, Reynolds Wrap® is the quality product you can trust to guide you through every cooking adventure. Whether it’s helping save time prepping food in advance, relying on our durability to create a delicious sheet pan meal, or simply lining bakeware for easy cleanup, Reynolds Wrap® helps in the kitchen so you can spend quality time connecting with friends and family. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right foil for the job at hand:

• A versatile must have, Reynolds Wrap® Aluminum Foil is perfect for wrapping foods to go, making packets for oven cooking, and lining pans for dinners.

• With Non-Stick Foil, line any pan you would typically spray to bake cheesy or sticky foods.

• Grab Heavy Duty Foil when extra sturdiness is needed. It stands up to high intensity heat—so it’s perfect for outdoor grilling and smoking.

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